Puppy Services and Training Sessions

Breeds like yellow and black labradors are the ones that go on to become house dogs or titled dogs that are used in hunt tests and many other services. We have titled dogs, started dogs, and an independent consultancy for puppies.


New Puppies

Titled dogs are used for hunting tests, field trials, agility, and other services. These dogs include the following.

  • Service dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Shed hunting dogs

Ocassional Started Dogs

Started dogs are the ones that are already trained before being sold. You don’t have to look for separate training sessions for this category of dogs. That is the advantage of started dogs.


Robert can provide ongoing consultation even after the puppies have been sold. We are committed to working and living with integrity, caring for your dogs as if they are our own. We offer consultation and advice on all kinds of subjects related to increasing our knowledge and training to be of greater service to animals and our community.